Kendrick Chavez started training Jiu-Jitsu/MMA in 2010 since then he has won 23 Championship Tournaments 15 of them being in Advanced divison and 4 of them being in Adult Divisions. He has competed all around the United States, and in the past two years he dominates his divisions and is ranked in the top ten Nationally. He now teaches Teenagers MMA and runs his own home-fitness program for teenagers. Always competing and getting ready for the day he steps in the octagon.

Tournament Results

August 2010 to Present

2010/RFS Tournament
1st Place No Gi (Beginners)
2010/Grapple America:
2nd Adults No GI (Beginners)
2011/FTW Austin Open
1st Place No GI (Beginners)
1st Place GI (Beginners)
2011/FTW State Championship
No Gi 1st Place (Advanced)
Gi 1st Place(Advanced)
2011/Europa Supershow
2nd Place No Gi (Advanced)
2011/FTW Texas Open
2nd Place No GI (Intermediate)
1st Place GI (Intermediate)
2012/Grapple America
2nd Place No GI (Advanced) Adults
3rd Place GI (Advanced) Adults
2012/Tournament Of Champions 9
1st place GI, Intermediate
1st Place No GI Intermediate
1st Place No GI Expert
April 21, 2012/FTW State Championship
1st Place NO GI Intermediate
3rd Place GI Intermediate
August 18, 2012/FTW Europa
1st Place GI (Expert)
1st Place NO GI (Expert)
April 13, 2012/NAGA Texas Open
1st Place GI (Intermediate)
1st Place No GI (Intermediate)
2012/American Grappling Federation
1st Place GI Expert
1st Place No GI Expert
2012/FTW Texas Open
1st Place No GI (Intermediate)
1st Place NO GI (Expert)
1st Place GI (Expert)
January 26, 2013/AGF Winter Classic
1st Place No GI (Expert)
1st Place No GI (Teen Absolute)

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Age: 16 Years Old
High School Bowie High-school
Team: Enlightened Warriors
Grade: 10th
Hobbies: MMA Coach for Enlightened Warriors, Playing Music, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Singing, All Sports, and Working Out
Favorite Fighter: George St. Pierre and Ronda Rousey
Favorite Submission: Arm-Bar
Favorite Take-Down: Fireman's Carry
Favorite Quote: "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - Gandhi
Goals: To be a Inspiration to others. Teenage Millionaire, Youngest UFC Champion.